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The purpose of the Federal Regulations is to protect public health and the environment, encourage the diversion and recovery of recyclable materials, and provide for the reporting of recycling information to the solid waste management authority.

These Federal Regulations establish definitions; set standards for the location, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of Recycling Centers; establish record keeping and reporting requirements; provide for enforcement; and include provisions for the issuance, suspension, and revocation of permits.

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EPA website: Waste

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New York State Regulations establish management standards and permitting requirements for storage and transport of solid waste. There are special provisions and exclusions for beneficial use and recycling. They have authorization to administer the Federal program.

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As with most local town regulations they tend to mimic the State and Federal Regulations. The regulations at the Rockland County level constitute and comprise the Sanitary Code of the County of Rockland and is known as the Rockland County Sanitary Code Article XVII.

The key to compliance at the local level is to be able to determine what are garbage, hazardous waste and infectious materials. Once you have isolated the garbage aspect of your business you can then “extract” all recycle materials such as cardboard, paper and comingle objects.

Resources / Articles:

Rockland County Sanitary Code - General Index of Articles

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John Lorenzo; Instrumentation Laboratory, 845-398-8632,



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